A Year Ago: Computers beat sex for some Britons

First published: Fri, 10 Dec 1999 13:03:00 GMT

Britons enjoy talking to their computers, while Swedes like to stroke their machines, says study

A disturbing number of Britons prefer to play with their computers than have sex or even eat a bag of chips, according new research commissioned by Microsoft.

One in four Brits like their PCs more than sex and four out of five said they'd rather use a computer than eat a bag of chips.

A surprisingly large number of British computer-users also secretly enjoy speaking to their PCs, the research found.

Perhaps most worryingly of all, however, was the discovery that as much as 20 percent of Swedes enjoy privately stroking their machines.

Another finding is that half of all homes in Britain will have a PC by the year 2002 making it the first European country to reach this landmark. It was also found that Britain has Europe's largest proportion of PC users over the age of 60, or "silver surfers", as they have been dubbed.

Surprisingly however, it was observed that as many as two thirds of all European computer users aren't at all concerned about the year 2000 bug.

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