A Year Ago: IBM DVD ThinkPad to act as 'VCR'

First published: Tue, 08 Jun 1999 15:20:32 GMT

IBM will launch a range of ThinkPad notebooks in the U.K. in October which will enable users to plug them into a TV and use them as a DVD-based video player.

The ThinkPad i Series range is equipped with a 2x DVD drive powered by either an Intel Mobile Pentium II 300MHz or Celeron processor. There is no additional expansion box for TV connection required as connection can be made direct through a video-out port, allowing hook-up and playback on any standard TV.

The notebooks will incorporate NeoMagic's MagicGraph 128-bit video controller with 2MB integrated memory and NeoMagic's MagicMedia 265AV, 256-bit video controller with 2.5 MB integrated memory. Each machine has a 14.1 inch Active Matrix LCD screen, integrated 56K modem, Sound Blaster Pro audio support and Altec Lansing SoundGuide stereo speakers.

The i Series is already being billed as a Personal Entertainment Centre in the U.S. where the machines were launched today, alongside a new range of Aptiva consumer desktops.

The U.S. pricing for the i Series will range from $1,799 to $2,900.

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