A Year Ago: Livingstone and Dobson slug it out... virtually

First published: Fri, 28 Apr 2000 16:47:42 GMT
Written by Will Knight, Contributor on

Never mind the ballots, see Ken and Frank battle online

Anyone bored with watching the main candidates for London mayor discuss issues in an orderly fashion, can now turn to the high tech world for some light relief.

The "Ken Vs Frank Slugfest" allows fans of Ken and Frank to smash one another in the face and can be downloaded from the Gamplay Web site at www.gameplay.com/slugfest.

It is certainly an irreverent look at the race for London mayor showing Frank Dobson tucked up in bed with a miniature Tony Blair. Ken is wrapped in a Che Guevara duvet next to a newt in a tank.

Director of online marketing at gameplay Steven Blackburn, cheerfully describes the brutal scenes depicted in this game. "This new game takes a wry look at the tussle going on over the job of London Mayor."

"Anyone who is frustrated about the constant debate over transport, transport and more transport can take great pleasure in venting their pent-up aggression by having Frank and Ken beat the living daylight's out of each other."

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