A Year Ago Today: Gateway wants a Pentium Pro in every home

This story was first published August 27, 1996

While rivals like Compaq, Hewlett-Packard and Elonex are touting their Pentium Pro wares as workstations and servers, Gateway 2000 is pushing the chip for its top-end home user systems in readiness for the Christmas rush.

The direct seller has slashed prices on its G6 Pentium Pro-based tower case line, saying the time is right to move the Pro into the mainstream. 180MHz systems start at £1,699 + VAT with 16Mb EDO RAM, 2Gb hard drive, eight-speed CD-ROM drive, Matrox MGC graphics, 17-inch monitor, and Microsoft Office Professional 95. 200MHz Pentium Pro-based systems are also available.

Gateway said that the move to 32-bit software meant users now get better future proofing from the Pentium Pro unless they have firm plans to stay with 16-bit environments.