AA snaps up popular petrol site

As another fuel shortage looms, the AA spots the potential of Petrolbusters.com

Motoring organisation the AA has snapped up petrol tips site Petrolbusters.com, just as a second fuel crisis is looming on the horizon, according to reports.

Petrolbusters.com, featured in a ZDNet Startup Spotlight during September's fuel crisis. The site received up to 12 million hits a day at that time.

Petrolbusters enables users to compare petrol prices across the country and check on fuel availability. It is free to use on a trial basis but invites membership for £5 per year for three people sharing.

The site will continue to be operated by the same company, which is based in Wales.

Home secretary Jack Straw has announced that he will not give in to the new wave of fuel protesters, meaning that the purchase of Petrolbusters by the AA is timely.

The previous fuel crisis had proved disastrous for some businesses like Waitrose, who were in a position of relying on fuel for delivery of products ordered online. It did, however, provide business opportunities for companies such as QXL, who auctioned petrol online at the height of the crisis.

Hacker Herbless became notorious for posting messages in support of fuel protesters on over 100 corporate Web sites in September.

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