ABN AMRO signs multi-billion dollar outsourcing deal with IBM

Netherlands based bank, ABM AMRO signs up with IBM in a 10-year deal which will mean building them a private cloud to cover all the bank's sites.

Dutch bank ABN AMRO has signed a 10-year deal to outsource its core global IT infrastructure to IBM.

The "multi-billion dollar" agreement includes the implementation of a private cloud infrastructure together with standardisation of the bank's existing IT, "from mobile computing to mainframe infrastructure".

According to the IBM the aim is to, "improve service quality, drive greater operational efficiencies and provide new and innovative products that meet the changing digital needs of its customers globally", and it said the agreement "is expected to create financial savings over the life cycle of the contract".

The agreement with IBM will provide ABN AMRO with fully managed services for mainframe, servers, storage, end-user computing, and helpdesks, along with application support. The deal is part of what ABN AMRO describes as a "transformation initiative" that the bank hopes will improve profitability.

ABN AMRO is headquartered in the Netherlands with some 24,000 employees worldwide, and generates about $10bn in annual revenues.