Accenture aims to make big data analytics immersive, accessible

Accenture rolls out a connected data experience designed to aid collaboration and visualization.


Accenture on Thursday launched an immersive environment to its analytics cloud in an attempt to make data more accessible to enterprises and their employees.

The Accenture Connected Analytics Experience is the latest effort to innovate with the user interface to make data science more accessible. Accenture's analytics environment is a cross between a teleprescence site and augmented computing. Accenture's partner in the effort, Oblong Industries, calls the analytics environment "infopresence."

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According to Accenture, its analytics experience is aimed at making data science available to C-level execs to managers and employees. The aim is to enable people with various data skillsets to all collaborate across multiple screens.

In addition, the Accenture effort highlights how traditional systems integrators are also reaching into software to make intellectual property more accessible. That big data front end can be wrapped with consulting, data experts and other services.


The immersive experience is delivered via Accenture Analytics. It was developed by Accenture Technology Labs, which is the company's global research and development arm. Oblong Industries' Mezzanine serves as the physical environment for Accenture's analytics experience.

Accenture is showing the experience at locations in New York City, San Jose and Bangalore, India. Other locations will be added in Chicago, Paris, Madrid, Milan, London, Mumbai and Singapore. Initially, Accenture's analytics environment will be at its locations, but can be built on a company's site.

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