Accenture and Siemens form smart grid venture

With the formation of OMNETRIC Group, the two companies hope to pair Siemens' smart-grid muscle with Accenture's managed-services capabilities to offer support for smart metering and manage energy consumption.

Accenture and Siemens have formed a joint-venture company that will seek to bring together Siemens' smart grid products and Accenture's managed-services capabilities.

The Munich-based OMNETRIC Group will offer utility companies combined services focused on data management and systems integration, with the lure that such services will improve efficiency, grid operations and reliability.

The core focus will be to integrate operational technologies — such as distribution management and real-time grid operations — with IT systems such as meter data management, to support smart metering, demand response to manage energy consumption and virtual power plants to enable load management.

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In other collaboration news, Accenture also unveiled Tuesday its latest version of its Accenture Foundation Platform for Oracle (AFPO), which helps its clients deploy Oracle Fusion Middleware and associated Oracle products.

AFPO's framework supports the end-to-end customer experience with Portal of the Future, a reference application that creates customized engagements for customers via web, mobile, and social channels. AFPO also includes a starter kit for Oracle Customer Experience that can provide industry-specific templates for common day-in-the-life scenarios.

Derek Steelberg, global managing director of Oracle business for Accenture, said in a statement:

We've invested significantly in the Accenture Foundation Platform for Oracle since 2011 to help simplify and speed the installation of Oracle Fusion Middleware for our clients. Our newest version of AFPO can help clients become digital businesses by taking advantage of Oracle's innovative mobile and customer experience technologies.

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