Accenture investing more than $400M in new cloud capabilities

Accenture is banking big time on hybrid cloud environments while also anticipating higher demand and favor for the public cloud.


Accenture has introduced its new Cloud Platform for hybrid cloud integrations, designed to marry legacy systems with enterprise-level cloud services.

Jack Sepple, global senior managing director for Accenture's cloud unit, explained in prepared remarks as to some of the motivations behind Accenture's cloud strategy, which is focused on facilitating hybrid deployments while also anticipating higher demand for public cloud access in the future.

"We are committed to moving our extensive portfolio of cloud offerings, broad ecosystem of alliance relationships, and large global client base to the cloud in all forms – public, private and hybrid," Sepple added.

At its core, the Accenture Cloud Platform is described to offer a pre-integrated, scalable platform with automated provisioning through a self-service portal.

Thus, Accenture is promising increased agility and governance for IT matched with a reduced total cost of ownership.

But the roll out of the Cloud Platform is just one piece of the puzzle as Accenture also plans to invest more than $400 million in cloud technologies and capabilities through at least 2015.

That fund will be dedicated to developing cloud services with its network of providers while also working on blending its own cloud portfolio with third-party solutions -- all reflecting the hybrid cloud strategy in general.

For potential customers, Accenture said it will be offering both on-demand services and on-premise deployment. The Cloud Platform will also be available on a pay-as-you-go basis.