Accenture taps into Windows Azure with public cloud service

Accenture will expand its infrastructure outsourcing options as they become available from Windows Azure.

Accenture has lined itself to be the first global technology service provider to offer end-to-end public cloud solutions for Microsoft's Windows Azure open cloud platform.

Under the deal, Accenture will expand its infrastructure outsourcing options to include Platform-as-a-Service and Infrastructure-as-a-Service solutions as they become available from Windows Azure.

The significance here is that it is touted to mark the first time when clients can contract out for design, delivery and ongoing management services of applications hosted on Windows Azure from a single global technology services provider (Accenture).

The agreement also stipulates that both Accenture and business tech solutions provider Avanade (a majority-owned subsidiary of Accenture) can sell, host and deliver Windows Azure services to clients. Accenture and Avanade clients will be able to sign a single contract for Windows Azure services with one-stop provisioning and monitoring via Accenture.

Overall, the goal is to enable Windows Azure adoption while promoting it as a cheaper, easier and more efficient platform across organizations.

This service is said to be one of many to come in the near future as part of an agreement between Microsoft and Accenture/Avanade. The latter two enterprises have already been working on enterprise-ready public and private cloud solutions for Windows Azure for the last few years.

Windows Azure has been expanding in other ways lately as well. Just last week, Microsoft announced two new data centers to be situated in the United States for the cloud platform.