Acer boosts RAM, battery life for new C7 Chromebook laptop model

Priced at $279.99, the C710-2055 is being marketed to the education market in particular.


While Google originally touted the Chromebook as a laptop platform that wasn't based around specs, recent models have been upping the spec ante like good-ol' Windows notebooks (most notably the luxe Google Chromebook Pixel ).

Though still keeping things fairly affordable, Acer has just announced a new version of its C7 Chromebook family that improves on its slightly older siblings. The C710-2055 gets 4GB of RAM (twice the amount of earlier C7s) and a 6-cell battery that the company promises will deliver six hours of battery life between charges. You still get a 320GB hard drive, while the processor remains an Intel Celeron 847.

Acer is promoting the new C7 Chromebook to the education market, emphasizing the security of Chrome OS and the ability for students to use Google Drive and Google Docs to share files with teachers and each other. Nonetheless, the company is also making the C710-2055 available for consumers through online retailers like Amazon.

You will pay more for the new C7 Chromebook than the C710-2847 that's already been available with less RAM and weaker battery: $279.99 compared to $199. Are the improved specs worth the extra coin? Let us know your thoughts in the Talkback section below.