Acer C910 Chromebook now with Core i5 processor

The 15.6-inch Chromebook is coming soon with the powerful Core i5 processor to better serve the education market.

(Image: Acer)

Earlier this year Acer released the C910 Chromebook for the education market. The 15.6-inch Chromebook features sturdy construction designed to better stand up to the rough handling the laptop will be exposed to in schools.

Shortly after shipping, Acer has introduced a version of the C910 with a fifth-generation Intel Core i5 processor. This makes the C910 the most powerful Chromebook behind the new Chromebook Pixel from Google.

The C910 Chromebook features a reinforced lid and corners to protect it from rough handling, along with sturdy hinges. The 15.6-inch display is available in two resolutions to offer pricing to fit school district budgets.

This large Chromebook for education is similar to the Chromebook 15 consumer model recently reviewed by ZDNet. We found that model with a fifth-generation Celeron processor to be a decent performer, so this new Chromebook with a Core i5 should easily meet the performance needs of most users.

The Acer C910 Chromebook with Core i5, 4GB of memory, 32GB of storage, and 15.6-inch display (1920 x 1080) will be available in April for $499.99.

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