Acer expands hybrid tablet lineup with Aspire Switch 12

The 12.5-inch convertible laptop will include an Intel Core M processor, full HD display, and detachable keyboard. Pricing remains a mystery, however.


Being a "2-in-1" device just isn't good enough for the Acer Aspire Switch family of hybrids (even if it's good enough for an increasing number of buyers ). The company likes to tout that they are "5-in-1" convertibles, usable as a traditional laptop, tablet, and even desktop along with a couple of viewing modes thanks to the hinged display.

Acer released the Switch 10 a few months ago, which ZDNet's own James Kendrick found to be "a solid Windows 8.1 hybrid consisting of a decent tablet and solid keyboard dock." Now it's decided to expand the family — literally — with a larger version.

As its name suggests, the Switch 12 comes with a 12-inch display (really, 12.5-inch) instead of a 10-inch screen. Acer takes advantage of the extra real estate by boosting the resolution to a full 1920x1080, whereas the Switch 10 maxed out at 1366x768. The other key difference from the smaller edition is that the Switch 12 gets an Intel Core M processor , rather than an Atom CPU, which should provide a boost in performance power.

Otherwise, the 12-inch Switch offers many of the same features as its predecessor, such as a detachable keyboard with pointing stick, MIMO dual-band Wi-Fi, and Gorilla Glass screen protection. It does provide a larger storage option, however. Whereas the Switch 10 comes in 32GB and 64GB flavors, the Switch 12 will ship with either 60GB or 120GB solid-state drives. 

But that won't be until early 2015, when the Switch 12 will become available for purchase. As a result, we don't know pricing details for the new version, though it's likely that the base model will cost more than the priciest version of the Switch 10, which is priced at $519.99.