Acer Jade Primo smartphone ready for Continuum with keyboard, mouse in the box

The Windows 10 Continuum feature supports connecting a phone to desktop peripherals, turning it into a capable PC. Acer's upcoming flagship phone supports the feature, and the company wants to make that clear to buyers.


Microsoft has been promoting Continuum, the ability to dock Windows 10 Mobile smartphones to keyboards, mice, and monitors for use as a PC. Universal apps on the smartphone will run like PC apps and are controlled with the desktop peripherals.

ZDNet recently reported the unveiling of the Acer Jade Primo, a Windows 10 Mobile flagship smartphone with hardware specs capable of supporting Continuum. With a Snapdragon 808, 3GB of memory, and 32GB of storage, the Jade Primo should handle Continuum well.

Acer claims it does, and wants to make that clear to buyers. According to a report by, the Jade Primo will ship with a full keyboard and a mouse in the box with the phone. This provides everything needed except a desktop monitor to use the phone as a PC right out of the box.

While it's possible to connect peripherals to a Windows 10 Mobile smartphone without a Continuum dock, it is much easier to do with one with the dock's multiple ports. Microsoft will sell a Continuum dock for $100, but Acer will include its own dock with the Jade Primo.

The Jade Primo from Acer's included peripherals will provide value at purchase time. It's not yet clear how much value it will give the buyer as Acer has not announced pricing for the Jade Primo.

Windows 10 Mobile and new smartphones that will run it should appear later this year.