Acer's new Ethos laptop features a removable trackpad that doubles as a remote

You may not use a trackpad much now that you own an iPad, but Acer has devised an interesting new use for the input method.

The trackpad is in a weird spot right now. Besieged on both sides by the more intuitive touchscreen and the more traditional mouse, it isn't hard to imagine a day where the trackpad will be completely phased out.

But with its new Aspire Ethos laptops, Acer has devised another way to use the trackpad: By having it double as a multimedia remote. Generic input method by day, by night the Aspire Ethos trackpad is detachable, allowing users to control their media players from afar. Better, users can customize the trackpad's custom display, though there doesn't seem to be an option to prevent anyone from losing the thing.

As for the actual Acer laptops, both will be available in mid-June, starting at $1600.

[Via Akihabara News]


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