ACS acquires Breakaway; cloud-based EMR training for healthcare

Xerox-owned ACS will acquire The Breakaway Group in a bid to bring cloud-based training for electronic medical records to nurses and physicians.

Xerox-owned ACS this morning announced that it would acquire The Breakaway Group in an attempt to bring cloud-based training to the healthcare industry.

The goal is to accelerate the adoption of electronic medical records, or EMRs, which are slowly replacing the paper records used by so many hospitals, physicians and treatment centers.

Breakaway's signature technology, which it calls PromisePoint, offers a simulation of the EMR process so that nurses and physicians can become accustomed to using them -- entering orders, documenting care, etc. -- before using real-life data. The idea is that the simulation will make the transition more attractive to (and thus faster for) those rooted in habit.

As with all things medical, the digital nature of the software keeps caregivers in compliance with changing regulations -- indeed, compliance is partly why ACS acquired the Denver, Colo.-based company.

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