ACS launches consumer cloud protocol consultation

Consultation on a voluntary code of practice for cloud providers to help consumers make better decisions when buying cloud products and services has been launched, according to the Australian government.

The Australian Computer Society (ACS) has kicked off a public consultation to develop a code of practice for cloud computing providers.

The federal government launched its National Strategy for Cloud Computing in May . Part of the strategy entails drafting a Cloud Consumer Protocol to encourage cloud uptake and make cloud providers more transparent about their operations to help consumers better decide which provider to go with.

ACS was charged with developing the protocol. The group launched the Cloud Computing Consumer Protocol consultation yesterday by releasing a discussion paper (opens in Word) and inviting the public to comment.

ACS has asked potential participants to use the New Zealand Cloud Computing Code of Practice as a reference point.

The Minister Assisting for the Digital Economy Senator Kate Lundy welcomed the consultation.

"It's important that business and government are in lock step in developing consumer protections when implementing the National Cloud Computing Strategy," she said in a statement. "Once developed, the Cloud Consumer Protocol will ensure purchasers of cloud services, and in particular small businesses, have the information, tools, and safeguards they need to use cloud services confidently."

Submissions are due by August 5.