Actian acquires ParAccel

Fresh off its acquisition of Pervasive Software completed two weeks ago, CA spin-off Actian acquires MPP Data Warehouse player ParAccel, whose technology powers Amazon Redshift.

Actian Corporation (formerly Ingres Corporation), the Computer Associates spinoff behind the open source relational database Ingres, has acquired Massively Parallel Processing (MPP) Data Warehouse vendor ParAccel.

It was only two weeks ago that Actian completed its acquisition of predictive analytics/data integration player Pervasive Software.  Add in the MPP Big Data capabilities of ParAccel, and its On Demand Integration- (ODI) based interface with Hadoop, and suddenly the sponsor of a seminal relational database product has become a hot player in Big Data and analytics.

Let's face it, the Big Data space is ripe for consolidation, so acquisitions shouldn't come as a big surprise.  But I'm not sure I would have guessed that ParAccel, whose investors include Amazon (and whose technology powers Amazon's "Redshift" data warehouse cloud service) would be acquired by the likes of Actian.

Actian, whose product portfolio also includes analytical database Vectorwise and object database Versant, now has a data-focused yet architecture-diversified array of products under one roof.

Perhaps the phenomenon of data-focused companies with multiple-decade track records acquiring newer Big Data companies will be more the rule than the exception.  A comprehensive data platform spanning relational, columnar, unstructured and predictive technologies may make the most sense, once a shakeout is said and done.