Ad agency uses SAS technology

DDB, one of the world's largest ad agencies employs SAS business intelligence solution for data analysing.

Singapore - SAS's e-intelligence solutions are being used by one of the world's largest ad agency, according to a recent release from SAS.

The largest ad agency in the U.S. and the world's third largest in terms of consolidated gross income, DDB, apparently, has been using SAS' business intelligence softwares for various purposes including two consumer research projects.

The ad agency also employs the IntrNet solutions, an Intranet solution that allows agency employees to log on and order desired reports through a pull-down menus. Reports that took days to produce now require less than a minute.

Aside from report generation, SAS' solutions are also being used to determine advertising effectiveness, assess media plans and design advertising campaigns.

"Only SAS could handle all of DDB's needs, including demand for sophisticated econometric analysis and the ability to build customer applications," said Doug Hughes, senior vice president of strategic planning at DDB Worldwide. "Using our SAS-powered applications, hundreds of marketers worldwide get the information needed to develop strategies based on quantitative analysis rather than intuition."