View photos and information on the back of your Apple iPhone 6 with a Popslate cover

Not much happens on the back of your phone, but with the Popslate case you can view images when your phone is set down or you don't want to turn on your color display.

A couple months ago we saw the YotaPhone 2 appear and many of us liked the idea of a low power secondary display. You can now add a similar display experience to your iPhone 6 with the Popslate case.

(Image: Popslate)

Popslate launched an Indigogo campaign in early 2013 with its iPhone 5 case. That campaign raised nearly $220,000 and was quite a success. Popslate is now an official company and the first product to be launched is the Popslate for iPhone 6.

The Popslate for iPhone 6 extends functionality to the back of your iPhone for those times when you are not actively using the main display. The display is an e-ink display similar to what you find on ebook readers. The display is shatter and crack proof and is always on.

The Popslate display communicates via Bluetooth to your phone and functionality is extended through the Popslate app. The application lets you put images on the e-ink display. Examples mentioned by Popslate include photos, boarding passes, maps, to-do lists, and your daily calendar.

Unfortunately, iOS limits the extensability so you won't be able to read Kindle books on the e-ink display. I suppose you could take screenshots of books and then view those on the back display, but that would take a long time.

The Popslate press release states that the average consumer unlocks their phone 150 times a day, mainly to access single pieces of information. This is where the Apple Watch may fit in well for many folks, but the Popslate is another, much less expensive, approach to consider.

Power is provided by a battery in the case (240 mAh), which lasts for a week on a single charge. The Popslate is available now in white or black for $129.