Add a second drive to your Mac mini

Upgrade the storage of your Mac mini by adding a second drive. BEWARE - this is not for the faint-hearted!

Want to add a second hard drive to your Mac mini? Now you can with a kit from the great guys and gals at iFixit.

This kit contains everything you need to add a second hard drive to your 2011 Mac mini:

  • Proprietary SATA hard drive cable
  • Shock-absorbing mounting grommets
  • Mounting screws
  • Mac Mini Logic Board Removal Tool
  • 26-Piece Bit Driver Kit
  • Spudger

Well, it contains everything you need except a hard drive! iFixit recommend three drives:

I've taken a look through the installation guide and be warned, you have to rip your Mac mini to pieces to add the second drive. If you're used to handling computer parts then this won't freak you out too much, but if you're not used to upgrading, this might not be something you want to undertake. iFixit rates this upgrade as difficult.

Price for the kit (excluding drive) is $69.95. Personally, I wish iFixit made a cheaper kit that didn't come with the 26-piece bit driver kit - most upgraders will already have a driver set.

Don't have a 2011 Mac mini but an earlier model? iFixit have you covered!