Add more storage to your Android or iOS device -- wirelessly

Here's how you can break free from having to Apple, Amazon, and Google ridiculous prices for storage. All you need is a Wi-Fi-enabled portable hard drive, and the right app for your device.

My Hardware 2.0 mailbox suggests that people are tired of paying a premium for storage.

"$100 for an extra 16GB of storage in the iPad mini?! You must be kidding me?"

"Why is there no microSD card slot in the Kindle Fire HD? Is it just so I pay the extra $70 for the 32GB model?"

"No SD card slot on the Nexus 7 proves that Google is into chiseling the customer just as much as Apple is when it comes to storage."

I know, it annoys me too that companies have the gall to charge big bucks for storage that's worth in some cases under $10 . But that's how it is, and if you want more than the base storage in that shiny new iPad, iPad mini, iPhone, Nexus 7, or Kindle Fire HD, then you're going to have to pay a premium for it.

Or maybe not. 

There is a way to add additional storage to your iOS or Android device that's both cheaper than paying the premium, and it's quick and simple, with no need to take your device to bits.

What you need is a Wi-Fi-enabled portable hard drive. There are two worth taking a look at.

Model Storage Simultaneous


Kingston Wi-Drive






Trancend Storejet Cloud






While externally they look different, underneath the outer shell they're quite similar. Both have SSD storage, integrated Wi-Fi, and include rechargeable batteries -- and both come with applications for Android and iOS that you can download from the respective app stores.

You can store documents and photos, as well as storing and playing back music and video, all while the drive is safely tucked away in your pocket, bag or briefcase.

A iPad mini (64GB, Wi-Fi) will cost you $529, but you could buy the 16GB, Wi-Fi only for $329 and add an extra 64GB of storage -- storage that you can use and access from other devices -- all while saving $100.