Addicted to Facebook? You are not alone

Facebook users claim to use the social network compulsively and some have lied in order to leave a social engagement and check Facebook according to a recent survey.

Some users feel that their use of Facebook is compulsive. Over one billion people signed into Facebook on August 24th 2015. One in seven people on earth now use the social network. Facebook is ubiquitous in our lives and we often feel the need to update our status during any social occasion.

On the back of Facebook's rise in second quarterly revenue and the fact 1.49 billion people use Facebook, the survey shows some revealing trends in how we actually use Facebook in our lives.

The survey was carried out by Stop Procrastinating -- a UK based productivity site.

It asked 2000 people who use Facebook regularly and found that a majority are worried that their use of Facebook is compulsive.

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The survey was undertaken between July 15th and 25th and used standard polling methodology.

56 percent of those that responded, described their Facebook use as compulsive. Respondents admitted to leaving a restaurant meal with friends or their partner to visit the bathroom or toilet to check Facebook.

33 percent checked Facebook at the cinema during a film. 14 percent checked in at a funeral, 12 percent had commented on a post at their own wedding and 17 percent had checked Facebook at a friend's wedding during the speeches.

68 percent of respondents were worried by their inability to control their use of Facebook. In fact 45 percent said they had made an excuse to leave a social occasion to use Facebook.

32 percent had updated their Facebook page while taking a shower or bath, 15 percent in the shower and 56 percent had updated their Facebook page whilst sitting on the toilet.

Signs that their use of Facebook was compulsive included using Facebook while reading a bedtime story to their children or even whilst talking to the cat.

Respondents revealed where they had updated their Facebook page or liked or commented on a post.

  • 76 percent in bed when they should be asleep.
  • 11 percent on their first date.
  • 17 percent after sex.
  • 33 percent during a film in the cinema.
  • 22 percent after an operation in hospital.
  • 26 percent in the sea.
  • 9 percent outside during a storm instead of taking cover.
  • 72 percent when they should be working or studying.
  • 11 percent while talking to their cat.
  • 16 percent while driving.

If you have ever become annoyed when you have been interrupted when you tried to update Facebook feel reassured. 36 percent of survey respondents said they had become angry or irritated because they had been prevented from updating their Facebook page when they wanted to.

Commenting on the survey, Tim Rollins, Director at Stop Procrastinating, said: "There is no doubt that Facebook is an important part of our lives, allowing us to share our experiences and feelings with our friends, no matter where they may be.

It is a wonder of the Internet age, allowing us to tap into our friends' lives, thoughts and feeling at any moment.

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