Admins wanted for Mac Outlook setup survey

Microsoft is planning some serious changes to Outlook for Mac and the developer of a setup script wants some feedback before he heads to Redmond.

According to William Smith at the Office For Mac Help blog, changes coming to Outlook for Mac will break all versions of his Outlook for Mac Exchange Setup Script. In a recent post, Smith is seeking Mac admins to take a survey telling the Microsoft development team that there's a need for such a script.

Outlook for Mac Exchange setup script survey


"Some planned changes in Outlook for Mac will break the automatic setup portion of the script and I will not be able to create a workaround for it. If you rely on this feature of the script, I need your help to inform Microsoft how many users will be affected by the changes. My goal is to show there is a need for automatic user configuration in Outlook for Mac when Autodiscover doesn’t work in an envronment. (Because I’m under a Non-Disclosure Agreement I cannot provide more detail than this.)

"I'll be traveling to Redmond, WA, to visit with the Office for Mac development group at Microsoft in early November 2014. If the results of this survey indicate a strong need for another form of automatic setup for users other than Autodiscover, I will present the findings to them."

Autodiscover was introduced with the release of Exchange Server 2007 and it lets managers automatically configure Outlook clients. Jaap Wesselius's has a two-part article on Autodiscover at However, the experience isn't seamless.

When you have issues with the Out-of-Office or Free/Busy information in Outlook 2007 in combination with Exchange Server 2007 (or Outlook 2010 and Exchange Server 2010) it is likely that it is caused by a misconfiguration in the Autodiscover configuration. To make things more complex, the SSL certificates are involved here as well.

Of course, there have been troubles with Autodiscover in Microsoft Outlook for Mac. An article at Office For Mac Help offers a short discussion about Autodiscover and its likely configuration problems. The solution is often to disable Autodiscover and there's a script for that.