Adobe acqui-hires design agency Ideacodes for Creative Cloud team

Adobe is clear cut in describing its latest purchase as an "acqui-hire" with new leadership being brought onboard for the Creative Cloud.

Adobe has announced that it has acquired Ideacodes, a private creative consultancy firm that will be merged into the ever-growing Creative Cloud unit .

The San Francisco-based digital agency was founded nine years ago with a focus on the user experience on smart apps, digital products, and online communities.

Adobe isn't hiding its intentions with its latest purchase, describing the merger as the company's second recent "acqui-hire" following up last week's acquisition of New York-based mobile app design startup Thumb Labs.

Emily Chang and Max Kiesler, the co-founders of Ideacodes, will be joining the software giant as creative directors for the Creative Cloud team.

Beyond that, there aren't many more specifics about the future of Ideacodes at Adobe just yet.

But Jeff Veen, vice president of product management for the Creative Cloud department, suggested in prepared remarks that its resources will supply more support for creative professionals on a global basis.

Financial terms of the deal have not been disclosed.