Adobe buys 3D animation startup Mixamo

The acquisition will allow Adobe to bolster the 3D content creation tools it offers in Photoshop and Creative Cloud.


Adobe just announced that it has acquired Mixamo, a San Francisco-based maker of 3D computer graphics software. Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed.

Adobe plans to integrate Mixamo's technology into Creative Cloud, which the software giant said would eventually increase what designers and developers can do with Photoshop and 3D content.

"We plan to integrate Mixamo's technology into Photoshop to empower designers to create, customize, manipulate, rig and animate 3D content, as well as to take advantage of tens of thousands of high quality, turnkey 3D models, starting with stock characters that can be easily pulled into projects," Winston Hendrickson, VP of products and digital imaging, wrote in a blog post announcing the deal.

Adobe's efforts in 3D are nothing new. The company first dabbled in the technology several years ago, and in January 2014 began offering 3D printing support in the latest updates of Creative Cloud. At the time, Adobe's introduction of 3D design technology to the millions of Creative Cloud subscribers was seen a major boost to the 3D printing market.

But now with Mixamo, Adobe is refining its approach somewhat, hoping to use Mixamo not so much to increase its presence in the 3D design space, but to make its tools both more powerful and more usable.

"We see a marriage of high quality content and powerful tools geared toward graphic designers that make working with 3D more accessible than ever before," Hendrickson added. "Mixamo helps us address these market demands and the current challenges of working with 3D."