Adobe Engage: eBay's Internal Flex Applications

We've seen the eBay Apollo application a lot, but this was the first time I got to look at eBay's internal Flex apps. I didn't get screenshots, and I apologize at how brief it is. I'm running low gas.
Written by Ryan Stewart, Contributor

eBay has been using Flex for a long time, since the 1.5 days and Tom Ortega is giving us a view of some of their internal monitoring application. This is a refreshing presentation and while the application isn't pretty, it's a look at how Flex does a great job of handling data.

He's showing two applications, an autoimage app and a management consoles which displays computers and users on the network and allows some remote management of them. They've combined the features in those two applications into a new User Interface that is much cleaner and much more intuitive. I don't think I'm allowed to take pictures, but the takeaway is that he's reusing a lot of the Flex components built before and bringing them into their new UI. All with the same backend code, so no changes to their middle tier was required. Tom said that they're looking at open sourcing this solution.

Tom did a great job on this presentation.

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