Adobe Muse already used by 260,000 developers; gets software update

Adobe's new Muse software is still only in beta mode, but the program is being touted as a runaway hit already.

Last month, Adobe introduced Muse, a new program targeted towards graphic designers that serves as an InDesign equivalent for creating websites and publishing websites.

Although the program is still in beta mode, Adobe is pleased with its success thus far as more than 260,000 developers have already downloaded a copy in the first 40 days of release.

Now Adobe is releasing a software update, Muse Beta 3, that includes approximately enough fixes to bugs discovered by Muse users to correspond with each day that Muse has been available.

Many of the improvements are related to performance, including addressing the way in which Muse generates code. For example, these improvements should reduce website load time and data usage by cutting the size of generated HTML and CSS files by up to 60 percent.

For reference, graphic designers can build websites quickly and easily without confining templates or any kind of code input of their own. The pages are written behind the scenes in HTML5 and CSS3.

Existing Muse users will be prompted to update to Beta 3 the next time they launch the application. For designers and developers that have already published a website using Muse, they will need to update the site with the code improvements by just republishing the site from within Muse. Don't forget that Muse requires the installation of Adobe AIR as well.

A full list of the bug fixes and improvements can be found on Adobe's official blog.

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