Adobe patches 6 critical security flaws in Shockwave

Adobe releases a new version of Shockwave, patching 6 critical security flaws.

Today, Adobe released Shockwave Player that patches 6 critial security flaws in Shockwave which could allow a malicious attacker the capability to inject malicious code into a system.

CVEs for the patched vulnerabilities - CVE-2012-4172, CVE-2012-4173, CVE-2012-4174, CVE-2012-4175, CVE-2012-4176, CVE-2012-5273.

Next to updating to the latest Shockwave version, users are advised to ensure that they're not running outdated versions of their third-party software, browser plugins, to ensure that the URL they're about to visit is a trusted one, and take advantage of application sandboxing techniques to increase the probability for a successful prevention and contamination of a particular security threat.

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