Adobe releases fix for InDesign crashes under Lion 10.7.4

[Updated] Several weeks ago, Adobe InDesign users noticed crashes after updating to Lion 10.7.4. A fix was recently released.

Update: On Monday, Adobe updated the technical note below with a script that automates the fix for InDesign or InCopy when running under Mac OS X Lion. Great move!

In addition, I recognize the problem for Adobe or any other vendor: should they release the more-difficult fix earlier or wait for the better installer? It's a lose-lose propsition. I respect the difficulty and the choice that was made — to get the fix out. A script obviously was in the works and users can be glad that they now have three choices to avoid the issue. 

The Adobe technical note InDesign Crashes with Blank Dialog Boxes on MacOS 10.7.4 warns:

When working within InDesign or InCopy CS5 or later on a 2012 MacOS system, you receive a blank warning dialog box that causes the application to crash when performing certain functions.

The document offers two solutions: one a process where the user downloads several files and replaces them with files in the existing UI.InDesignPlugin package. The second is "Do not install or remove the installation of the MacOS Mid 2012 Software Update for 10.7.4."   

Pierre Igot at the Betalogue blog points out that Adobe seems to have missed the memo that Mac OS X isn't MacOS anymore, and hasn't been for perhaps more than 10 years. And then there's the new branding that makes Mac OS X into OS X. The actual update is OS X Lion Update 10.7.4.

First of all, you just have to admire a prominent Mac developer that is not even able to spell the name of the operating system properly. Then one should note that the help page contains similarly misleading information, stating that the problem affects people working within “InDesign or InCopy CS5 or later on a 2012 MacOS system” — unless by “2012 MacOS system” they really mean “Mac OS X 10.7.4”, of course. Who knows? (The alternative solution mentioned in the help page is to “remove the installation of the MacOS Mid 2012 Software Update for 10.7.4”, so clearly Apple’s PR people have major language issues.)

Anyway, the fix is, in typical Adobe fashion, an ugly procedure that involves repeated use of the “Show Package Contents” command in the Finder to access the innards of the InDesign application. Apparently, with all the resources at their disposal, Adobe’s people are unable to come up with a simple AppleScript to automate the process.

Some sites may have described this issue as having something to do with the MacBook Pro, however, that isn't the case. It occurs on any Mac running the Lion 10.7.4 update.