Adobe suspends Connect user forum after apparent hack

The online leak of login credentials for has led Adobe to suspend the forum while it resets users' passwords. The hacker claims to have released the data to demonstrate the software maker's security shortcomings.

Adobe has suspended a user forum where customers discuss its Connect videoconferencing product, after an apparent security breach in which credentials for members of the US military were leaked.

The company said on Wednesday that the forum was the only service to be compromised by the "unauthorised third party". The company stressed that Connect itself was unaffected.

"To protect Connectusers forum users… The forum site was taken offline in the evening of Tuesday, November 13, 2012," an Adobe blog post read. "We are working diligently to restore forum services as soon as possible."

Adobe said it was resetting the passwords of all the forum members who had been "impacted", and apologised for the inconvenience.

Hacker claims

A hacker claiming to be from Egypt had said in a Pastebin post on Tuesday that he or she had stolen credentials for 150,000 forum users. The alleged hacker, 'ViruS_HimA', published 644 records to prove the breach was real.

The hacker said he or she was leaking the details to demonstrate that Adobe doesn't "take care of them security issues".

"I have hacked into one of Adobe servers, gained full access to it, dumped the database, It contains over 150,000 emails, passwords with full data for a lot of Adobe customers and partners including emails and passwords for 'Adobe Employees', 'US Military', 'USAF', 'Google', 'Nasa', '.Edu' and many many more companies around the world! (In depth details will be sent to Adobe Security Team)," the hacker wrote.

"I'm not looking to ruin Adobe business so I will leak only emails @ '', '*.mil', '*.gov' with screen shot as a proof of concept :P"