Adobe: Tablet owners spend more money online than smartphone owners

Tablet visitors spent more per purchase than their counterparts on smartphones, PCs or laptops when visiting retail websites in 2011, according to a new report from Adobe.

PayPal has predicted that mobile payment transactions will increase heavily in 2012, and Adobe would likely posit that tablet owners will contribute more to that expectation -- at least based on figures in 2011.

According to Adobe's recently published Digital Marketing Insights report, tablet owners were the most valuable online customers in 2011.

Here are highlights from the survey that back up that assesment:

  • Tablet owners spent 54 percent more than visitors on smartphones.
  • Tablet owners spent 21 percent more per purchase than smartphone visitors.
  • Tablet owners were nearly three times as likely to buy products and services than smartphone visitors.

For reference, the findings are based upon the analysis of roughly 16.2 billion anonymous visits to the websites of over 150 top U.S. retailers.

Brad Rencher, senior vice president and general manager of Adobe's digital marketing business, explained in the report that this indicates tablets have become critical for e-retailers to consider in their marketing strategies. Rencher added that they should "avoid the risk of underserving a highly-profitable, fast-growing customer segment."

Of course, there are two primary ways that online retailers can go about this: either building an optimized app for mobile operating systems (most especially iOS and Android) or developing HTML5 -based apps for mobile browsers.

As for who those tablet owners are, most of them are typically males between the ages of 18-34 years old, and they tend to be more affluent than other online shoppers. The latter statistic doesn't seem as surprising considering tablets themselves are rather expensive still for the most part.

The full Adobe Digital Marketing Insights report is available online now.