Adobe's Marketing Cloud suffers outage

A problem in Adobe's Dallas data center walloped its Marketing Cloud as many customers received server maintenance screens instead of analytics and dashboards.

Adobe's Marketing Cloud was grounded for customers as the company was hit with a "major service-impacting event" in its Dallas data center.

The outage hit many of Adobe's reporting tools. For instance, my usual morning trip into Adobe's Omniture yielded the following screen.


Adobe's status page, which was also slow to load, outlined the following.

On August 11 at 23:20 MDT Adobe experienced a major service-impacting event in our Dallas data center. Analytics customers hosted in that center have experienced issues accessing our reporting interfaces and have also seen above-normal data latency. Customers hosted in other Adobe data centers may also experience some data latency as an indirect result of the event in Dallas.

Adobe is aggressively working to fully restore services as soon as physically possible, however some Analytics & Social customers may experience above-normal data latency and reporting issues throughout the day today.

Some other Adobe Marketing Cloud capabilities were also impacted during this event.

Adobe's said on its status page that it had repaired the problem, but some customers may have issues until services are fully restored.

Areas affected included everything from Adobe's social analytics tools to data warehouse reporting to API services to scheduled reports.