Adtran announces BYOD Network Suite; targets wireless stress

Enterprise comms giant Adtran combines a few of its 1,700 products to create a "BYOD Network Suite" for business.

Enterprise communications provider Adtran this morning announced its "BYOD Network Suite," which aims to help businesses handle the network demand from an increase in wireless devices in the organization.

The "bring your own device" and mobility trends have been covered heavily -- we've certainly done our part at ZDNet -- as major factors affecting the enterprise; one of the IT challenges they pose is an expected and significant increase in wireless network traffic, from both the devices themselves as well as the use of higher-bandwidth applications on them.

As always, scale is the key to the castle. Adtran says its suite helps bridge the gap between wired and wireless access.

That includes:

  • Bluesocket virtual WLAN, which uses cloud-enabled, VMWare-based WLAN to support 48,000 users and 1,500 access points for a "10X increase in bandwidth" per instance. (The goal: take the stress away from hardware controller-based WLANs, which are expensive to upgrade and maintain.) The vWLAN also allows for unified user access control (wired and wireless users) across data, applications and portals, and includes authentification, encryption and RF intrusion-detection capabilities.
  • NetVanta routers, which offer¬†built-in encryption, multiple backup options and high throughput.
  • Gigabit Ethernet switches, which offer PoE / PoE+ for indoor and outdoor access points, support for VoIP and optimization for iSCSI storage area networks.

Adtran's suite is offered in both parts and as a turnkey package, though it's not yet listed on the company's sprawling website. You'll have to go through the channel for availability and pricing info.