Adult industry appeals to many techies

Poll: The majority of you wouldn't mind turning your tech talents to the adult industry, as long as the money was right

ZDNet UK readers have a pragmatic approach to an IT career in the adult entertainment industry, according to a site poll this week.

After publishing a guide to working within the adult industry, we decided to turn the discussion to our readers by asking if they would consider working for adult entertainment companies.

Out of more than 200 responses, 85 percent were in favour of taking a career with the adult industry if the opportunity arose, but money is the key factor. Just over 60 percent of said they would consider a role in the controversial industry if they were paid well, while a quarter said it would be their dream job.

But working on online adult sites and services did not appeal to all readers. Just over 10 percent said there was no chance they would ever work in the industry. A further four percent said their arm could be twisted if they had no other viable alternatives to earn a living.

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As our feature — X-rated: Getting a tech job in the adult industry — showed, the technical side of the adult industry is shrouded in mystery and controversy. Some sites don't even have full-time tech staff, but rely on freelancers. Your future job prospects probably won't be affected if you have a stint on an adult Web site on your CV. But don't expect too many thrills.

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