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Low-cost luxury: Affordable tech treats for the holidays

No matter where you are for the holidays indulge yourself -- or your family -- with these luxurious affordable tech gifts

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If you plan to spend Thanksgiving with the family, and you feel your stress levels rising, there are some things you can take with you to make your visit less anxiety-inducing.

Have a look at these gifts, which will help to bring down your cortisol levels and help to relax you during your stay away.

And if you have the hoards of family descending on you for the Holidays, you can treat yourself to these stress-busting items to keep you calm and zen-like throughout their visit.

Keep calm and treat yourself.

Pipamoka coffee maker

Brew perfect coffee wherver you are

Low cost luxury - tech treats for the holidays zdnet

No matter where you are make superb coffee with the Pipamoka pressure brewer. Fill the filter with coffee and place into the cup, fill with hot water and twist the orange screw thread slowly. This forces hot water through the filters to give you a superb cup of coffee wherever you are. The insulated cup will keep the coffee hot too.

$47 at Amazon


If you like perfect foam on your coffee, try a Nanofoamer


The NanoFoamer spins milk bubbles through 'NanoScreen' mesh at ultra-high speed, breaking the bubbles down into a microscopic mist called micro-foam which has a velvety texture and ads perceived sweetness to your coffee. Battery operated and waterproof, you can take it anywhere.

$39 at Kickstarter

UGreen X-kit hub laptop stand

This multifunctional foldaway laptop stand is really versatile for working from anywhere


This laptop stand has four adjustable angles and 5 ports: HDMI, two x USB  with maximum transmission speeds at 5Gbps, an SD and TF card slot. At 282.9 grams, the X-Kit is made of aircraft-grade aluminium material, 65% lighter than the industry standard steel alloy. The X-shaped skeleton design makes it foldable, portable, and easy to carry around.

$49 at Indiegogo

Kokoon nightbuds

Block out the noises and get to sleep easily with these comfy nightbuds

Low cost luxury - tech treats for the holidays zdnet

NightBuds are soft and tiny earbuds  that sit deep within the ear, are really secure and comfortable, not moving as you lie in bed. Sleep sensors detect as you fall asleep, bookmarking your place and fading out your audio. The NightBuds monitor your sleep and the app can provide coaching, insights and tips to help improve your sleep. Music is clear and good across all ranges, and phone calls are crystal clear.

$159 at Kickstarter

MU6 headphones

Superb fit, great sound and ANC to block out unwanted noise - these headphones are superb

Low cost luxury - tech treats for the holidays zdnet

Use your fingertip across the entire touch panel to slide either forward or rewind to last or next track, slide up or down to increase or reduce the volume. Switch ANC on or off, or use transparency mode to hear ambient noise whilst listening to calls and music. Superbly comfortable headphones.

$169 at Amazon

Burnout temperature regulating travel mug

Coffee too hot to drink? Not any more if you use this mug

Low cost luxury - tech treats for the holidays zdnet

this temperature-regulating travel mug will bring your coffee to a drinkable temperature within minutes, and then keeps it there at optimum temperature for hours. It uses a synthetic beeswax material called Heatzorb and three layers of stainless steel to cool over-hot coffee and maintain its temperature.

$70 at Amazon

Shiatsu massager

Massage away those Holiday stresses and strains

Low cost luxury - tech treats for the holidays zdnet

Chill out with a neck or shoulder massage that will deliver kneading massages to your stressed muscles. Add heat and adjust the speed and direction of the massage to give a personalised experience -- wherever you are.

$50 at Amazon

Homedics sleep machine

Get to sleep easily with a range of soothing sounds

Low cost luxury - tech treats for the holidays zdnet

Fall asleep to a set of sleep sounds with this white noise machine to help you relax properly. This is a rechargeable device that does not need a power supply to work so you can take it anywhere.

$41 at Amazon

Anova sous vide cooker

Cook perfect food with a sous vide machine

Low cost luxury - tech treats for the holidays zdnet

This portable sous vide cooker means that you can make fabulous steaks, or cook fish to perfection no matter where you happen to stay at Thanksgiving. Give your family a treat and take this sous vide cooker with you for the holidays and impress them with your cooking ability.

$199 at Amazon

Waowoo weighted blanket

Cover yourself with this blanket and feel your stresses fade away

Low cost luxury - tech treats for the holidays zdnet

The ultimate stress relaxing blanket, this heavy blanket relaxes you and keeps you calm in the most stressful situations.

$42 at Amazon

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