After 75 years, Kodachrome film processing comes to an end

Kodachrome film processing officially comes to an end after 75 years (1935 to 2010).

Although we knew it was coming, it's still a poignant moment for photo enthusiasts everywhere: On December 30, 2010, the last lab to offer Kodachrome film processing used up the final canister of the chemicals needed to develop the film, thus bringing to a close the era of Kodachrome slide film. Though it's been widely reported that Dwayne's Photo of Parsons, Kansas, would stop processing Kodachrome on the 30th, I couldn't let this milestone pass by without a mention here. Steve McCurry (of National Geographic's Afghan girl cover fame) was given the last roll of Kodachrome by Kodak last year and he hand delivered it to Dwayne's to be developed last week earlier this year.  So sit back, put on your old Paul Simon record, check out some of the final frames McCurry shot, and just try to keep the lump from forming in your throat: