After a monumental crash, Montana is back online

Network hardware failure - not hackers or viruses - caused the outage, which took a full day to recover from.
Written by ZDNet UK, Contributor on

A full day after the Montana government's computer system came to a screeching halt, the state is fully operational, AP reports. The problem was not hackers or viruses, but the failure of networking hardware.

Technicians are not sure what caused the equipment to fail. "It was strictly a hardware failure," Dawn Pizzini of the state's IT group said. "The probability of what happened happening was minuscule," Pizzini said. "So it was one of those things that would have been extremely difficult to have planned for. We would have never assumed that that many components in that piece of equipment would fail."

State government workers were stalled Monday as computers across the state wouldn't work. Wildlife agents were handwriting permits and people were unable to do such things as renew driver's licenses or get license plates. Key law enforcement systems were rerouted to avoid any public safety problems.


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