After delay, Apple pushes watchOS 2 to Apple Watch

A bug last week held Apple back from releasing the highly anticipated watchOS 2 software update, which brings native third-party application support.


After missing its public deadline to update Apple Watch software last week, Apple on Monday began to make watchOS 2 available.

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The new software brings support for native third-party apps, custom watchface complications and developer access to more of the watch's hardware such as the heart rate monitor, sensors and the microphone.

The former feature is the most anticipated since current Apple Watch apps actually run on a connected iPhone. The handset, in turn, does the processing and gets any needed data from the web, passing it back to the watch. That process limits the Apple Watch to a second screen for the iPhone, resulting in often slow application performance.

To install watchOS 2, you need to open the Apple Watch app on your iPhone, tap General and then Software Update. You'll also need your Apple Watch on its wireless charger, in range of your iPhone and have at least 50 percent battery life.