After LogMeIn deal, LastPass competitors line up to greet defectors

Immediately after the deal was announced last week there was an outcry from LastPass users, some of whom say they refused to do business with LogMeIn.

Late last week, remote access software maker LogMeIn acquired the password management software startup LastPass for $110 million.

Immediately after the deal was announced there was an outcry from LastPass users, some of whom say they refused to do business with LogMeIn -- a company apparently considered untrustworthy by some due to a history of hiking prices without warning.

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The backlash was an obvious blow for LastPass, as the startup is eligible for an extra $15 million in cash payments if it meets certain retention targets in the two years following the deal.

But for other password management vendors, the bevy of angry LastPass defectors offered up a surprise recruitment opportunity.

For one of those competitors, Dashlane, the day the LastPass acquisition was announced turned out to be its single highest day of branded Google search traffic in 2015.

To put that into perspective, Dashlane said the number of searches on that day were 25 percent higher than the next highest day it's had this year, and 48 percent higher than its daily average.

The surge continued over the weekend, with branded search traffic peaking at 32 percent above its 2015 average, with five times the number of LastPass users signing up for Dashlane compared to the norm.

Dashlane is taking advantage of the added publicity, announcing today the launch of Dashlane for Business, a version of its password management platform tailored to the workplace.

Another LastPass competitor, Sticky Password, also noticed a big spike in new activations from LastPass switchers. Sticky Password wound up offering the LastPass defectors a 50 percent off discount to welcome them aboard.

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