After paying $4m to port apps to BB10, BlackBerry to stop payments in days

BlackBerry's pay-to-port campaign to drive up the number of BlackBerry 10 OS apps is winding down.

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BlackBerry 10 'port-a-thon' adds 15,000 submissions to App World

The number of apps on the BlackBerry 10 App World store has risen by 15,000 following a community 'port-a-thon' to make sure developers' software worked with the new platform.

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BlackBerry has paid out $4m in rewards to developers for porting existing apps to its BlackBerry 10 OS and will now wind the campaign down.

The company announced the payment milestone on Friday, meaning the port-a-thon events it has held since the beginning of the year have generated around 40,000 BB10 apps to populate its BlackBerry World app store.

BlackBerry offered developers $100 per ported app, up to 20 submissions. Once approved and made available in the app store, the developer would gain a $100 reward.   

A good deal of those apps were gained in January, shortly after the first port-a-thon, when BlackBerry netted 15,000 app submissions in the course of 37 and a half hours. A week later landed a further 19,000 apps in a similar timeframe, thanks to the port-a-thons. 

BlackBerry has extended the program several times this year, and initially only budgeted for $500,000 in payments. It will now wind down the scheme and pay out to developers that submitted apps. The company will not initiate any new payments or shipments after 30 June, though existing pending payments will continue beyond then.

The next phase of BlackBerry’s developer program will focus on making gaming apps more successful.