After Salesforce, Oracle to open two datacentres in Germany

Oracle to open two cloud datacentres for customers who want their applications and data to stay on European soil.

Following its software-as-a-service rival Salesforce, Oracle has announced plans to open two new cloud datacentres in Germany which should be available for government and enterprise customers by the end of the year.

Oracle already announced late last year that one new datacentre in Germany would be operational by the second half of 2014, and while that hasn't happened yet, the database giant — whose execs have been talking up its cloud credentials this week — announced that the number of facilities in Germany would be bumped up to two. One will be located in Frankfurt and another in Munich.

Oracle rival Salesforce earlier this month inked a deal with Netherlands based Interxion to launch new European datacentres in the UK this autumn, followed by facilities in France and Germany  in 2015.

Oracle's new German datacentres will join existing European facilities in the UK and the Netherlands . The company said Interxion will be its co-location partner for its primary datacentre while Equinix will be its co-lo partner for the secondary datacentre.

According to Oracle, the motivation for launching the new datacentres was to support German customers "whose preference is for cloud applications to be deployed in Germany".

While that's not an unusual request by enterprise and government customers, Oracle's new plans follow heightened anxieties in Germany over US and UK spying within the country revealed in documents leaked by former NSA contractor, Edward Snowden.

The most recently published documents revealed efforts by the NSA and Britain's GCHQ to compromise the networks of Germany's main carrier, Deutsche Telekom. Germany is still investigating allegations that US intelligence tapped German chancellor Angela Merkel's phone.

But the new investment in Europe's biggest market also comes as Oracle defends its cloud credentials and attempts to distinguish itself from software-as-a-service rivals. Oracle chairman and CTO Larry Ellison this week touted its software, platform and infrastructure layers.

"Nothing against my friend Marc Benioff at, but Salesforce builds on our platform," said Ellison , referencing the pair's nine-year cloud services deal.

According to Oracle, the new datacentres will initially support the provision of of Oracle ERP Cloud, Oracle HCM Cloud, and Oracle Sales Cloud, as well as Oracle Service Cloud and Oracle Talent Management Cloud.

"The new Oracle datacentres in Germany will service the considerable demand for cloud applications among German businesses and will provide an important, strategic facility on the doorstep of some of Germany’s biggest businesses," said Jürgen Kunz, country leader of Oracle Germany.

Earlier this month Google announced plans to spend around $773m a new datacentre in the Netherlands that it expects to come online by 2017.

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