After Solyndra goes defunct, DOE target of Jon Stewart's ire

Jon Stewart of The Daily Show puts the growing scandal surrounding defunct solar company Solyndra into context -- and it's not pretty.

Jon Stewart of The Daily Show weighed in last night on the growing Solyndra scandal in a 6-minute bit that illustrated how the company's business model was doomed to fail and provided all the embarrassing and ironic details of the Obama Administration's approval of a $535 million loan guarantee despite warnings from bureaucrats.

As always, Stewart puts this news story into context -- and it isn't pretty.

Stewart highlighted the Obama administration's relationship with the now defunct solar company including memos from Energy Department bureaucrats that warned the "deal wasn't ready for prime time," a projection that the company would run out of cash September 2011, a clip of Obama touring Solyndra's new manufacturing facility and Vice President Joe Biden's "these are permanent jobs" video address.

Check it out here:

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