Agenda Setters: Where are they now... Greg Dyke

Where indeed...

Where indeed...

As it's only 12 days until the launch of's fifth annual Agenda Setters poll of tech's 50 most influential individuals, it is time to look back at those people who held top 10 positions in 2003. Here we assess the chances of the former BBC chief Greg Dyke making the list again.

Of all of last year's Top 10, this is probably the easiest to predict in terms of where he is likely to be in this year's poll.

Call it a bold prediction but Greg Dyke is likely to have dropped out of sight - falling faster than a concrete kestrel. That's not to say it has been a year without incident - in fact Dyke has probably had his fill of incidents this year, not least of all the Gilligan/Kelly/Hutton debacle which pitted Dyke against Blair and some deep rooted Whitehall cronyism. That latter detail is particularly ironic given the concerns of Blair puppetry which surrounded Dyke's original appointment

In January Dyke quit his post as director general with the BBC, and all the new media and broadcast power that entailed, after the corporation's reputation and integrity was brought into question over its reporting of the 'dodgy dossier'.

As such Dyke can now spend some more time with his family and with his considerable fortune - buoyed in part by the publication of his memoirs which are not likely to figure on Tony Blair's holiday reading list.

He is unlikely, however, to be doing much agenda setting during 2004 and 2005. Now watch that prediction come back to haunt us...'s Agenda Setters panel, made up again of CIOs, analysts, VCs, consultants, lawyers, academics and other experts, are convening this September at our London offices with our results revealed at the end of the month. If you want to pass on your comments for our experts, about Greg Dyke or any other contender, drop us an email at