AGIMO looks for cloud suppliers

The Australian Government will make a list of vendors to ease cloud procurement.

The Australian Government Management Information Office (AGIMO) has finally gone to market for "datacentre as a service" vendors that can provide cloud services to agencies.

Last year, AGIMO released a discussion paper looking at how the IT industry could help the government provide datacentre services to government agencies that spend less than AU$2 million per year on IT operations. It wanted to simplify the procurement of services for contracts under AU$80,000 and less than 12 months' duration.

The intention is now to build a multi-use list of suppliers that satisfy certain conditions for participation on the list. These companies will supply cloud or cloud-like services hosted in third-party or government datacentres.

The three basic services to be offered are software as a service, platform as a service and infrastructure as a service. These services must conform to the definitions in the government's Cloud Computing Strategic Direction Paper.

AGIMO hopes to launch the list by the end of October 2012, but is concerned that it might receive too many applications to meet this date. It said that it is therefore going to conduct assessment on a "first come, first processed" basis. Applicants hoping to gain a position on the list have to pay an AU$250 fee to be processed.

The multi-use list will not cover those that offer the same services as the government's datacentre facilities and migration services panels, its Microsoft volume-sourcing arrangement or its internet-based network connections and telecommunications management panels, AGIMO said.

AGIMO has also released an updated version of its better practice guide for clouds built for the private use of government communities.