Air traffic control system 'not safe', say UK controllers

Prestwick, one of two major air traffic control hubs in the United Kingdom, is in process of implementing new flight data technology that controllers have said is "not fit for purpose".

Technology being introduced at one of the two major U.K. air traffic control hubs is "not fit for purpose" and did not adequately handle a breakdown in air traffic communications, according to a number of air traffic controllers.

The EFD (Electronic Flight Data) system rolled out at the Scottish and Oceanic Air Traffic Control (ATC) Centre at Glasgow Prestwick Airport has had difficulty handling complex inputs, according to people posting on an air traffic control forum.

"[Controllers] don't want to use this system, not because they like to have a whinge, but because they know it is neither safe, nor efficient enough to do the job," wrote one Prestwick controller, Arty-Ziff, on the Pprune forum in February. "This system should have been tested properly before it went into live operations."

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