Airline catering company opts for 1E power management recipe

LSG Sky Chefs has adopted 1E's NightWatchman to deliver on its new global energy-efficiency policies.

After a successful pilot project yielded substantial savings, airline caterer LSG Sky Chefs has apparently opted for the NightWatchman power management application to address energy efficiency for personal computers across its organization.

NightWatchman, developed by 1E, will be used to power down the organization's PCs during non-work hours. Based on the results of a test project, LSG Sky Chefs' IT executive Dirk Kroning estimated that the installation will save approximately 400,000 kilowatt hours of electricity per year. That is despite the fact that approximately 800 of LSG's computers needed to be kept running on a 24x7 basis.

"Despite having to exclude the PCs which need to be available all of the time from the new power saving policies, we still found the potential for significant energy savings, so we decided to license the solution across our global PCs," said Kroning in a statement.

Notice that Kroning said "policy." That's because installing an application like this requires broader attention to the work practices of your organization. You can't just install a power management app and expect it realize savings without making sure this is engrained in your corporate culture.