Airline Wi-Fi roundup: Air China, United and Continental

Pretty soon we're going to be asking which airlines don't actually offer in-flight Wi-Fi.

November has turned out to be a big month for airlines announcing the addition of Wi-Fi to their fleets.

First, last week, United Airlines revealed that it will be installing Wi-Fi on more than 300 of its planes by mid-2012.

Continental is involved with this as well as the two are in the midst of a merger, so much of Continental's aircraft will also be treated to the same technology.

Today, Air China has announced that it has commenced testing wireless in-flight entertainment equipment on its aircraft in partnership with Gogo. Testing is planned to go through the first quarter of 2012.

Gogo also announced yesterday that it will be offering free Wi-Fi for 30 minutes on select flights for helping passengers get some of their shopping done while in the air.

2012 will actually be a big year for in-flight Wi-Fi if United and Continental can meet their self-imposed deadline as JetBlue is also promising to bring a more advanced, satellite-based Wi-Fi system to over 160 airplanes.

In-flight Wi-Fi connectivity is becoming more of a requirement than just a perk when it comes to air travel these days. Considering how rough, tiresome, and time-consuming flying can be, Wi-Fi could be one of the only amenities (or at the very least, distractions) that can make a long trip bearable.

And flyers definitely seem willing to pay for it -- thus another possible spot where airlines can squeeze a few more dollars from passengers. Nevertheless, the more chances for Wi-Fi in the skies, the better.