AirMask Colors for iPhone 6 hands-on: Add color and light protection in seconds

If you don't want to add a bulky case and want to add some color to your iPhone, then you may want to try the AirMask system. It's thin, light, and very easy to install.

Most people I see with an iPhone have it installed in some kind of case. I'm not a fan of cases, but do like to protect my phones and also enjoy a splash of color from time to time.

AirMask has a product designed to quickly and easily skin your iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus while adding full 360 degree protection. I installed and tested out the orange, black, and white AirMask Colors for my iPhone 6 Plus.

The AirMask Colors system is designed for quick and easy installation while being extremely thin, 0.3 mm, and light, 10 grams. Honestly, the weight and thickness is barely even noticeable.

To install, you simply clean your display, peel back the inner protective film on the front, place it on your iPhone, peel back the protective film on the back, and place it on the back of your iPhone. That's it. The back is now fully protected from scratches while the front has a splash of color and has an integrated screen protector.

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The top and bottom pieces meet up well along the edges. I had a few very small gaps because I didn't align it perfectly, but it still looks great on my iPhone 6 Plus. All of the ports and buttons are still fully accessible.

The Apple logo on the back is fully covered. I think having a cutout for the logo or a clear plastic area would be nice to see. You will notice there is a small ridge along the bottom of the camera lens and flash so that the protruding camera lens is partially protected by the back skin.

AirMask Colors come in five colors and they show some examples where you may want to mix and match colors. The colors are snow, mican, obsidian, fireball, and sapphire, otherwise known to me as white, orange, black, red, and blue.

I am a fan of orange and the orange one I tested is definitely bold and bright on my iPhone 6 Plus. I like the black front with orange back as the orange front is a bit distracting.

I like the ease of installation and the minimal weight, but I can't go with a plastic front screen protector after using glass protectors or the uncovered iPhone display. The plastic screen protector shows fingerprints easily and the resistance is not as good as glass. The back is also quite a fingerprint magnet, which bothers me as well.

You can purchase the AirMask Colors protective shell for the iPhone 6 for $25.99 and iPhone 6 Plus for $29.99. The AirMask Colors is an easy way to colorize your iPhone and offer some protection, but I'm sticking with glass protection myself.