AirPnP app rents bathrooms on demand

The same business model behind AirBnb is being repurposed to rent out toilets.

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There is no quicker way to be arrested during Mardi Gras than public urination. Now, there’s an app for when public toilets are elusive and the urge strikes.

AirPnP is a tongue in cheek allusion to the home rental service, except it’s meant to match people who want to rent out their facilities and those who are in dire need of them. The AirPnP service operates worldwide with its highest density in the U.K.

New Orleans is the most active city in the United States, trailed distantly by New York. The founders were raised in The Big Easy and sought out to reduce the colloquial “rogue pees,” which stiff legal penalties don’t stop, by increasing facility supply.

As for London, one can only guess. It's taken to high tech pop-up urinals to cut down on offenses. Other U.K. towns use public shaming to keep it in the privy.

Other concepts that have spun off from the AirBnB model include the car sharing service Lyft, another property rental service called Wimdu, and ShareDesk for offices. Each company streamlines (pun intended) interaction between the renter and consumer.

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